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Department of Restorative Dentistry (RD)

Historical Background

The Department of Restorative Dentistry provides preclinical training in the disciplines of Dental materials, during the third year of undergraduate Doctor of Dental Surgery training. During the subsequent years (year 4 and 5), the students undergo clinical training (patient management) in these disciplines (Operative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Periodontology) in the newly refurbished dental clinic.

Master of Dentistry programmes started in 1986 and were suspended in 1990. This was due to ending of collaboration between Muhimbili Dental School and University of Kuopio (Finland), also at that time the school had no enough experienced faculty to run the programs. In 2006, the school revived the MDent Restorative Dentistry program and to date ten Doctors have graduated.

In addition, the department provides multidisciplinary and specialized training, patient care and research in the fields of Operative dentistry, Periodontology and Prosthodontics.

Restorative Dentistry Units

Operative Dentistry

Operative dentistry is the art and science of the diagnosis prevention, treatment and prognosis of diseases and trauma to teeth. Operative dentistry is indicated primarily for dental caries, malformed, discolored or fractured teeth and replacement or repair of existing restorations. Aim of unit is to prepare a student so that he/she may be able to restore morphology function, esthetics and harmonious relationship of teeth with the surrounding tissues.

 Major topics taught under operative dentistry unit include:

  1. Dental Materials
  2. Cariology
  3. Endodontics

The subjects is taught in semester 7 (fourth year of study). Mode of instruction (teaching) is through lectures / seminars, preclinical and clinical instructions. Students undergo Preclinical training in the phantom room before they are allowed to work on patients under supervision in the clinic.


Periodontology is one of the functional units of the Department of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry. The unit specializes in the science of the periodontium which attaches the tooth to the bone tissue of the jaws and also maintains the integrity of the surface of the masticatory mucosa of the oral cavity. The periodontium establishes a developmental, biological and functional unit which undergoes certain changes with age and is, in addition, subjected to morphological and functional alterations as well as to changes related to alterations in the oral cavity.

The Unit handles training of students (undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education), research and consultancy responsibilities in the specialty of Periodontology.

The training of undergraduate students is conducted and examined in Semester 8 of the DDS Curriculum. The course includes two modules, Preclinical and clinical modules.

Module I - Preclinical course conducted in the Phantom Skills laboratory. Purpose of the course is to train students on identification, handling and use of instruments used in periodontics. Furthermore students are instructed on the basics of ergonomics and periodontal instrumentation.

Module II Clinical apprenticeship in Periodontics – supervision of students in handling periodontal treatment.

Conducts examinations in Periodontology/Periodontics at the end of semester 8.

Carries out Research in different aspects of Periodontology

Provides Consultancies in handling periodontal cases referred to the School and National Hospital, consultancies for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, WHO and Professional Associations and Bodies.


Taught in semester nine is the subject of Prosthodontics, also known as dental prosthetics or prosthetic dentistry. It deals with the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes. The treatment planning and restoration of implants, temporo-mandibular joint disorder, and rehabilitation of occlusion with prostheses all fall under the field of Prosthodontics. Students are subjected to lectures, seminars practical and clinical training. The dental laboratory is well equipped to cater for the laboratory training of students in the preparation of the prosthesis.

Vision and Mission

The Department of Restorative Dentistry supports the mission and vision of the School of Dentistry, Muhimbili University College of Health and Allied Sciences and includes:   


To become a center of excellence for training professionals in restorative dental care, quality research and services in restorative dentistry.

Mission statement:

To direct and guide students and the general public in attaining quality of  life through quality restorative care, and related research, training, education and public service in relation to restorative care.

Aims of the Department

To produce highly trained dentists capable of providing specialist operative care and including other restorative care to patient. The courses are intended to provide knowledge and skills related tothe diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of those diseases and defects involving the teeth and their supporting structures to the restoration of proper tooth form, function and aesthetics; and to the maintenance of the physiological integrity of the teeth in harmonious relationship with the adjacent hard and soft tissues; all to enhance the general health and welfare of the patient.

Objectives of the Department

i) To produce graduates in oral health sciences for oral health care systems.

ii)To train specialists and scientists in oral health and related disciplines.

iii)To train allied oral health personnel

iv)To carry out research in oral health and related sciences

v)To provide continuing professional education in oral health.

vi)To provide specialized oral health services to patients and the community.

vii)To provide consultancy and advisory services to the government, general public and international agencies in the field of oral health

viii)To review programs and introduce new programs as required

 Functions of the Department

a)To ensure graduates from the School of Dentistry are well instructed in Restorative Dentistry and able to work competently in Tanzania, Regionally and Internationally,

b)To ensure postgraduates from the School of Dentistry are well instructed in Restorative Dentistry and able to work competently in Tanzania, Regionally and Internationally,

c)To enable research in the field of Restorative Dentistry,

d)To cater for continuing education in Restorative Dentistry,

e)To render highest quality of restorative treatment to patients

f)To provide advisory services to the government in the field of restorative Dentistry

List of Academic Members

Dr Irene A. Kida

Prof. Bakari S. Lembariti

Dr. Elifuraha G. S. Mumghamba

Dr. Godbless J. Mandari

Dr. Paulo T. N. Sarita

Dr. Lorna C. Carneiro

Dr. Severine N. Anthony

Dr. Tumaini Simon

Dr. Lilian Mkony Ephraim




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